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Presently, your chances of matching 6 numbers correctly in the lotto bi-weekly draws, to win the grand prize jackpot is 1 in 14 million.

If you buy a few tickets on your own each week your chances of matching 4 numbers to win approximately $60.00, is 1 in 1000. Converting these odds into a time perspective, it will take you 9.6 years to win that 60 dollars. That is if you buy a Mega or Power Ball ticket for each and every draw on every Tuesday and Saturday.

Have you also noticed that it seems quite often when you read, or hear about a jackpot winning ticket, worth between 5 and 20 million dollars? It was sold to a group of people who formed a small lottery pool at their workplace, or possibly between friends and family. 

Generally there are 5 to 25 participants in the group who purchased 25 to 125 tickets in total.  And end up winning the big one.

Takes this lottery pool concept and expands on it by leaps and bounds by purchasing groups of combination play tickets.

Before reading onwards to see how our pool operates. I have listed in the table below your odds of winning any of the other prize categories. I feel once you review them, you will certainly want to know how you can better your odds by joining our Mega or Power Ball lottery pool.   
5 + BONUS NUMBER  1 IN 2,330,636 
5 NUMBERS 1 IN 55,492 
4 NUMBERS 1 IN 1,033 
3 NUMBERS 1 IN 57 

How are we going to improve our odds you ask?. The answer is simple , by pooling our funds together and taking advantage a 40 person limit pool we increase our odds of not only winning the grand prize but also the 5 number prize that can reach as high as fifty thousand dollars.

As you will soon witness, purchasing tickets in a pool of this type will greatly increase our chances of matching the winning lotto numbers, drawn each Tuesday and Saturday.

Is it legal?

First and foremost I would like to make clear, it is against California law to profit from the administration of a lottery pool. We all have the right to form a lottery pool, but no member can be charged a premium price to purchase tickets. I ask that you could donate a dollar or two from time to time for the upkeep of this site. 

Then why would I spend the time and effort to run this pool you ask, if there is no guarantee to win the grand prize, leaving very little profit to be made?

For the one and simple reason. I want to increase my chances of being part of a grand prize winning Mega or Power Ball ticket. I have won my fair share of $10.00 prizes for guessing 3 numbers right. But I have yet to experience the utter joy of being driven down in a limousine to the local lottery office and pick up a check valued in the millions of dollars. If I stick to our present chances of winning the grand prize, I don't believe I will be taking this limousine ride during my lifetime. 

I am looking for serious adults who feel the same way, and would like to increase their chances of winning a sizable super lotto jackpot.

How will the funds be collected for the pool?

Once you have decided to join our pool and the starting date has been established. You will be sending a monthly check consisting of $1.00 for each draw date (Tuesday & Saturday) for the next coming month's draws or paying with a credit card. The amount of the check will be for $8.00 or $10.00, depending on whether there is 8 or 10 draw dates in the given month or if you wish to pay by credit card follow the link to Paypal where you will be asked to open an account free of charge. 
Only people who can easily afford to join the pool sign up. With no administration costs, I cannot afford the time or expense to be chasing after members. 

How will I get a copy of the Numbers we are playing ?

The pool's selections of numbers will be posted a  in advance on the winning's page for all members to view. The tickets are purchased prior to the draw dates.  You wIll be E-MAILED a listing of the combination numbers we are playing for the upcoming draw, along with the ticket number which is printed under the dollar amount of the ticket played. This is a unique individual ticket identifier which coincides with the barcode. This number can be scanned or manually entered on any lottery terminal to reveal our group winnings.

 How will I receive my share of the winnings?

Once our total winnings have surpassed $100.00 I will be mailing you a check enclosing your share of the pool winnings. If our winnings are less than $100.00 but enough to purchase our normal amount of tickets for a month I will advise you by E-MAIL not to remit your check for the selected month. I will buy the tickets from our winning's pool. 

If and when we win a grand prize jackpot, I will organize the members of the group who wish to be present for receiving the check down at the prize offices in Santa Ana California. For those not in attendance, arrangements will be made to have your check delivered promptly.

Can I join and leave the pool when I like?

Of course
Well this sound's great when is the pool starting?


If regretfully you cannot join at this time, add this site to your favorites list to pick up the winning super lotto numbers. Don't forget to come back often and see how our Lottery Pool members have prospered in the near future. 

If you have any additional questions or inquires which have not 
been answered on this web site please send your comments by E-MAIL and I will return an answer promptly.


P. T.
Orange, CA

This pool is in no way affiliated with the California State Lottery
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